Sunday, June 22, 2008

miracles of wifi and putting the pieces together

Seriously if you knew where I was sitting right now in Northern New Mexico, you would not believe I'm picking up a wireless signal and doing a little research on Yue Yue's social welfare institute.

What I've learned about Dao County SWI -- and may I add with not one iota of help from the Yongzhou yahoo group that I have been knocking at the door of since June 10 -- are very good things. Someone who posted recently said it was difficult to get into that particular yahoo group. It's a consortium of sorts of all the Yongzhou City (in Southern Hunan) SWIs, where families of these children can keep in touch and find out information. Twelve days later, my membership is pending and I'm impatient about finding out some basic information about Dao County SWI. Good grief, it's a yahoo group. Not the Pentagon. So if anyone can pull some strings for me..... Also, anyone who has visited and has photos they'd like to share? We'd be much obliged.

But from another blog of a family adopting last spring from Dao County, I learned that this is a model orphanage with approximately 40 children under the age of two. Big bro Isaac will be happy as one of his main concerns the minute we saw her face was that she was being well cared for. This particular adoptive family was unable to visit the SWI and so I am not going to get my hopes up about that. The babies typically are three to four in a room and become attached to two or three nannies. This SWI also shares its space with a home for elderly people as well who come to visit and hold them from time to time. Also check out those photographs. The grounds are gorgeous and Yue Yue's photo was taken near that large round concrete planter in the overhead shot.

Starting June 2006, Dao County began to give its children the last name Yong from Yongzhou City and the first names of Xiao, which means Xiao, and a second given name, such as Yue. Then, the name is doubled and she is called by Yue Yue. One of Yue Yue's sisters in our travel group is Xiao Zi.

Remember the terrible snow storms this past winter? I found a list of supplies Dao County requested from Half the Sky.

Dao County SWI, Hunan - need winter clothing, quilts disposable diapers, heaters, a dryer and medical assistance. Estimated cost: 80,000 yuan; total child population: 32 (social welfare institutions house elderly also) FINAL NEEDS: 45,164 yuan.

In St. Augustine, the humidity continues on past summer and our winters are very damp and when it is cold, it can feel even colder. That kind of bone-chilling arthritis aching cold. A friend of ours from Chicago visited once in February and said she'd never been so cold in her life. I remember reading about this particular part of China -- which is also very humid and that it was especially hard hit during the storms because they weren't properly prepared to deal with such icy, radical conditions. Yue Yue would have been about three months old then.

Monday, June 16, 2008

where do we go from here?

It just so happens that two days after we received our match with Xiao Yue, we set out on a cross-country trip. Crazy timing. Anyway, so I've been faxing our acceptance letter, gathering documents and filling out forms and mailing them from the road. Looks as if we'll know in about two weeks if we will travel on the typical schedule which is eight weeks from referral. Not really sure what is going to happen. In the meantime, another picture of Yue-Yue. She's outside in this picture also. I estimate this was taken when she was about five months old, so that was back in April. From what I've read, Southern Hunan Province is a humid climate with hot summers and short cold, damp winters. Not unlike her future, very humid home in St. Augustine, Fla. We've also found out that like her big brother Isaac, she enjoys being tickled. Coincidence? I think not.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

little moon

Though I wanted to be supergirl, I had to bail out
of my writing group tonight at the Rockin' Bean because I can barely string a word or two together and now sitting here with gardenias in a bowl beside me as aromatherapy, I thought I'd open the blog and finally upload a picture or two (conversion guy -- pdf to jpeg at Office Max -- you're awesome!).

Monday, June 9, 2008

worth the wait

Yong Xiao Yue

Born: Nov. 1, 2007

Hunan Province

I have photographs -- but they're in a pdf file! Good grief. I'll have to scan tomorrow and reload them to the blog.

It's hard to think right now......I could hardly find a map online of China today. It was as if I'd never used the computer before.