Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back in Florida, Off to China

Just rolled in from Northern New Mexico and adjusting to that good-for-your skin humidity that we have to learn to appreciate here in St. Augustine. The house hadn't been completely consumed by termites and was in overall excellent shape thanks to our wonderful housesitters, Deirdre and Jackie (and Deco).

Hidden in the muck of one of the ponds was a dead opossum carcass. Craig wanted to know why he had to dispose of it and then just why is it that he always gets stuck with the dead things. Why? Because I had to fill out the visa applications, that's why -- while we were on the road, mind you. I'm still recovering from the grueling process as I don't do well with numbers. Anyway, I don't have all the details but I have some of them. It is official. We. Are. Going. To. China.

Depart Saturday (One week from today!) Arrive in Bejing. Spend -- what looks like despite the 12 hour difference and the 13.5 hour flight -- a day and a half touring the city. We'll leave Monday afternoon for Changsha, Hunan and stay in the Hua tian Hotel.

"Overlooked in the sky, the shape of the building is like a Chinese Character for water, which can implicate Huatian Hotel is like a shining bright pearl on the land of Hunan, the business life of hotel will never end, just like the large running river never and ever running out, and the services in here are responsible and perfect, like the nature of pure water."

Check this out -- what a hotel! Comfort Inn just won't be the same after this.

I think we'll meet Yue yue on Tuesday afternoon.


Tamara said...

We stayed at the Hua Tian as well. Our daughter is from Changsha- we live Deltona, Fl.
We are going up to St. Augustine the first weekend in August for an orphanage reunion for our older daughter. Would love to meet!

mreeves said...

can't wait to meet our new addition to the family. something i have dreamed about. gives us a warm fuzzy feeling, not to mention the lump in my throat. tears of joy and hugs to everyone..

Bo and Becky said...

Hi, I'm Becky White Rigby from Peterman, AL. You might remember my sister, Beth. I think the two of you were in grade school together. I had heard you were adopting and am so excited for you. Your daughter is precious.

My husband and I are adopting from China as well. We are LID 9/8/2006.

We wish you a wonderful and safe trip to your daughter and look forward to following your journey here.