Sunday, July 6, 2008

care package to yue yue

I can't say enough good things about Ann at Red Thread If you want to send a care package, you'll
get wonderful service and make a new friend.
We ordered a basic package -- candy for the nannies, a little toy kitten (picked out by Isaac), a disposable picture (in hopes the nannies have time to take some shots of the baby with her caregivers) and a letter to the director and caregivers. Unlike some of the other services where you simply select one of the form letter, I was able to write my own letter to the nannies to tell them how much we thank them for their care of this little girl who will be our daughter. Ann translated it for us and that was included in the package cost, which is extremely reasonable.
As if all this were not enough....she also called Dao County SWI and confirmed Yue yue's new measurements -- she's up to 16 lbs now and is 26 inches long. AND she sent along the finding ad from the online version of the HuNan newspaper.
No news yet on travel, but I have a good feeling about Monday or Tuesdsay.


somepinkflowers said...


that i have found
what you are up to

i have to read it all...


kbradley said...

We're always full of surprises!