Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting to know Phoebe

A short post because Xiao Yue is waking up, but I know you all want to see some new pics. She's so laid back, but curious. And, she's doing really well - woke up at 4 to see if we were still here and then went back to sleep, chatting away. I need to find a wifi connection and then I can write more!

The blurry pic I'm posting anyway, because my connection time is out in two minutes but she is in LOVE with plastic cups. So now you guys know what to get her. She napped with one yesterday. She also like plastic Tupperware containers. More later, Xiao Yue is awake.


deny said...

omygosh she is sooo cute, and so happy, much happier than the first shot that is easy to compare since they areright next to each other...
(ahem) china IS the largest producer of plastic everything) maybe we could get her corn plastic cups instead...they are compost-able.
BTW congratulations!!!!! she is a beauty,

Jeannie said...

kim, craig, isaac, i'm so happy for you all. that first picture of her coming into kim's arms said it ALL. now she truly appears more at ease and it's a joy to see. she is adorable and i know how happy you must feel. i showed the kids the earlier, initial pictures this morning and it was nice to log on and see these new ones! Phoebe. The name suits her!


Anonymous said...

That little peanut is too cute!! We talked to Grandma, and she informed us that Yue Yue was also Hungarian... Uncle Steve gets a kick out of that I'm sure. She said she's very happy all is going well, and anxious to hold Phoebe Yue. Hey, Isaac, hope you finally got some rest, those time changes are a doozy!! I'm sure you are keeping busy on your quest to teach your new baby sister everything you know!!
We are all so happy for you, and cannot wait to visit!!

the chicago gang

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and we are on our way to target to buy some plastic cups... any color preference?

much love!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Congratulations! She is adorable!

Anonymous said...

She's as cute as a little doll baby. Evie can't wait to give her a bear hug (careful, she may even pick her up and carry her around!)

Sara said...

Phoebe is so adorable. Know you all are having fun. Can't wait to meet Phoebe.


Karen said...

kim, craig and isaac; i am so happy for you all. just think you left as a family of 3 and will be coming home as a family of 4. your lives will forever be changed. (a good thing) phoebe is a very lucky little girl to have become part of such a wonderful family to teach her everything she needs to know!! congraduations!!
love karen williams (jax)

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