Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just discovered the wifi in the lobby.

If you are waiting, know that this will be the trip of a lifetime. La Vida is doing an amazing job in coordinating all the events, and the faciliators -- Winnie, LIsa and Amanda and Juntao have shown us all over Changsha, not to mention allowing us to experience the best of Hunan cuisince. It's hard to sum all this up in a few minutes. Now the latest issue is our converter burned out. I can borrow one to charge with, but keep that in mind, too if you are waiting to bring along two converters. They tend to get hot. Another thing, start lifting weights! This is quite the workout. Today's itinerary: Changsha Embroidery Factory.

Last night after dinner we went on a walk with new friends Alan and Dana and their daughter Ava. We were stopped frequently -- we're terribly conspicuous. Many people want to know what in the heck are we doing with Chinese babies. They seem not to have a clue about adoption. Once in the park, we were with Lisa, our guide and a couple came up to ask how did we get the babies? We told them we adopted them and they said, "Can we adopt?" When Lisa discoverd they already had children, she told them, No they can't adopt. Now, some people are aware of the domestic adoption - as there are many underway -- but it is mind-boggling that we draw such attention and that they do not konw about Westereners adopting at all. Never heard of it.

By the way, I have uploaded close to a 1000 pics -- between my dad and I.

Phoebe Yue is doing great. She's becoming so much more comfortable, so much happier. Here are a few pics before the battery goes.

Top left, Phoebe Yue with her grandmother, Martyr Park, food and more kindergarten.

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