Friday, July 25, 2008

Last minute snag and let's hope this is it for snags (I'm ready to get on that plane)

We leave tomorrow morning, right? So yesterday evening as I was nearing the end of my list of packing items and errands, I heard from our agency that the American consulate in Guanghzou never received our updated fingerprint clearances. Keep in mind, I have a copy, the agency has a copy, and the agency forwarded this copy to Guanghzou to prove it. BUT there is another particular route that this paper must make -- from Jacksonville to DC to Gz and if it doesn't take that preferred road then our baby is not allowed a visa into the United States. Our agency assured me that everyone was doing everything possible, but they needed to let me know in case this paper did not reach Gz by our August 6 appointment that there was risk involved in actually traveling there -- meaning we'd be stuck in Gz and unable to get the baby home. A few days sounds fine. But it was the uncertains. Like will I be in Gz for the rest of my life waiting on a piece of paper? Your thoughts can get a little nuts at 2 a.m. I was joking with Pat in Miami who is bringing home Max in September that maybe I'd still be there and I'd have her family over for tea. But that was all the joking I was capable of. I'm a fiction writer so I came up with 101 scenarios from horrible -- they won't let us go -- to sort of interesting -- maybe we'll be there so long we'll learn Mandarin -- to just plain crazy -- I'll be in front of the consulate picketing to get my baby a visa so she can come with us to St. Augustine. So after I vented to everyone, melted down a few times, said that I was going to China to get this baby and I didn't care about any piece of paper, that I'd just call up the consulate myself, after I cleaned all the bathrooms at 4 a.m. and did some writing, I heard from the agency at 7:30 a.m. that the consulate received (found under a big stack of papers??) our prints. And, then my representative from the agency phoned and we had a great chuckle over it as it's so easy to do when you're relieved and so happy that things are going to work out after all. She apologized for having to tell us about it to begin with, but hey, it's over. Now I'm worn out and my hands smell like bleach. A lot of new gray hair involved on this one.

I'm just sorry for the roller coaster and the late panicked calls to my friends and family! So, what I originally wanted to post was this. Yue-yue is from a town south of Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province. As I have said before, it's humid and hot and known as one of the ovens of China. But, what we just discovered is the city's flower is the azaela (our yard, not to mention
St. Augustine, is full of them) and the city's tree is the camphor tree (it grows like a weed here and they're all over the fenceline). How about that for a coincidence of setting?

It has been quite a challenge to get everything together in a week, but we're nearing the end. Craig finished painting the baby's room last night. I can hear him upstairs now working on the finishing touches. Isaac's playing Freebird on the Fender. I can now officially say that the next post will be from China.


somepinkflowers said...

born from your womb
from another country's ~system~
to YOU.

i guess babies come
when they are ready.


ha ha...
i just looked down the the word verification thingy
and it says----> frzzld.

do try not to be *frazzled*
by this set back.

{{ a sign from above
from the paperwork*gods, maybe }}

best wishes!

jiangxigirls said...

Glad it all worked out.

My friend will be home tomorrow from China and her little one is from the same town as your little beauty. Have a safe trip!

Tamara said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip to China. Hunan is wonderful! The girls are spicy- but as sweet as they come! I can't wait to follow your China journey.

deny said...

I love the sync with the plants....very cool, there is something about this gurl!!!!!