Thursday, July 31, 2008

rice cereal with fish paste anyone?

Remember that problem we had earlier with the American consulate? Well, we're thinking about that 14 hr flight with six babies and thinking it might be a bad idea to just stay here in Changsha. Everyday, we are learning more about the country, the people and Xiao Yue is becoming more comfortable with us. She was a bit clingy yesterday. The orphanage babies are not used to such one on one time and then are anxious that it might go away. Today she woke up happier and is laughing -- either at my mispronunciations of the five words I know in Mandarin and her new fave word - Whooooppps!. Big belly laughs from that teeny little girl.

The food is amazing. Spicy and lots of it. Phoebe will eat just about anything, but a constant at the SWI was rice with fish paste, so we have been cooking that wonderful smelling stuff up for her once a day.

A bit treat today: trip to Changsha kindergarten where we were entertained by three, four and five yr old classes. The teacher asked our group -- six families -- to sing some songs in English. All we could come up with -- besides Freebird, which we decided would be just too long, was Jingle Bells, You are my Sunshine and Happy Birthday.

So, if we aren't home on the eighth, you'll know where we are.


Judi said...

Um... at recess? :-D you looked like you were having a great time with the kids. Your daughter is so sweet and precious and you're right, she's iddy biddy. All the photos of her are wonderful and go far to brighten the days for all of us still waiting. Thank you!

somepinkflowers said...



how amazing is life!


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. Freebird. Long live Skynyrd! Katy and I watched part of a rerun of 'My Name is Earl' a couple nights ago and he was singing Freebird. Never gets old.

14-hour flight. Yeah, you guys will be glad to get home. Looks like you're having fun and we're glad everything is going well with Phoebe.