Friday, August 1, 2008

Embroidery Museum and Center

Hunan is known for the craft of embroidery that will blow your mind. Pieces that look like photographs. Next few days are busy, I may not post till MOnday night or Tuesday. Have a good weekend!

Oh, by the way, Craig went for a walk this afternoon and when he came back, his shirt was soaked from top to bottom. It's a tossup as to which city is more humid.... At home we have the advantage of driving around in AC vehicles. That may be the only difference.

Yue Yue is happier every day. Eating like a pig (year of the pig, of course), not a horse as that's me. Steamed egg and congee with scallions, rice and more rice. Waiters bring out the eggs for the babies at each meal. She likes spicy, not sweet stuff. We've added an extra bottle or two of rice formula and mike formula to fatten her up. She's swimming inside the six-month clothes. ANd, today is her ninth month.

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