Sunday, August 3, 2008

Goodbye to Changsha

We're in Guangzhou but miss Changsha, Hunan already. Here are some scenes from our last days there when the four of us took a cab to the river and then walked through some wonderful streets where we felt like celebrities. People came running from their homes and shops to say hi and meet the baby. We got the thumbs up from folks and one "thank you." Seriously, it was as if we were rocker dudes. We made lots of new friends. On our last day, we visited the Changsha Buddhist temple.

Here in Gz, lots of paperwork, meetings, etc. I see my posts becoming few and far between. Walking through the park of Shamien Isle the first night, we heard, "Hey, we know you." Friends of friends and family in Alabama recognized us from the blog. My folks are out shopping with them right now. Everything is fine and baby Yue is doing great. Tomorrow is a free day, and then we're homeward bound Friday morning.


Tamara said...

It was sad to leave Changsha. I was even sadder to leave China all together. Enjoy Shamian Island and try to get over to Liwan Plaza- it is a huge pearl market and is unbelievable.
Love all the pictures on your blog- makes me miss Changsha!

Jeannie said...

am really enjoying your blog and pictures. just think...the interminably long, long wait for phoebe...and you are coming HOME, already, in two more days. enjoy. call me next week when you feel like visitors. i'll come see ya when the kids go back to school. can't wait to see her.