Saturday, August 9, 2008

I hope Yue yue isn't thinking that her new life is rushing from one airplane to the next. Let me tell you this girl can roll with the punches. I really think we have the SWI to thank for raising such a sweet, well-adjusted little girl. We owe them a million thanks.

It's six a.m. by the way and I'm wide awake -- the first of a week or so of jet laggin'.

I've only just gotten to read the comments on the blog. Thanks for such kind words and nice thoughts. And we can't wait to see everyone! We're usually good travelers but after this little two or is it three day continuous plane jaunt, I don't plan to leave the house. You guys will know where to find me! The most adverturesome I'll get is to walk to St. George Street.

When I get some sleep and can think, I want to write a list of things for those about to travel. I had intended to flickr my pix -- what the heck was I thinking? I was lucky to get a shower some days.

I keep saying I miss China so much, but I mean it and hope that we can go back again soon -- we're hoping to work on some teaching/business ventures with our new guide friends. More on that later. Last night we walked into the hotel lobby here in Atlanta in time to see the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. It was awesome to see it -- as we were in Beijing as they were putting the finishing touches on the landscaping. I said to Yue yue --"There are your people!" The world feels a little smaller today, having taken this journey and met the people of China. We have this little person we want to make sure knows how wonderful her country is.

A few more pics I didn't post. I love the one of Julia hanging on to her buddies on the red couch and the one of the adoring parents and fans and grandparents taking their picture.

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Pat said...

Welcome home! Call when you are adequately recovered from jet lag- it may take a couple of weeks :) Can't wait to hear all about your trip and the Fabulous Phoebe. I LOVE her hair!