Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Chi is out of balance....

We arrived back in Florida Saturday afternoon after staying overnight in Atlanta because our connection was delayed four hours which would have put us arriving in Jax at a brutal 2 a.m. The luggage arrived yesterday -- better late than never -- as Continental said we abandoned our bags (despite the fact that they were a day late arriving at NJ) and Delta, who had nothing to do with all this mess, ended up sending them on to JIA. Instead of the homecoming we had planned, the baby and I have a nasty virus that has kept me in bed for most of the past three days. The baby has had a fever that spiked at 106, but fortunately we've been able to keep it out of the danger zone and she's mainly miserable with a head cold. We're hoping tomorrow is a much better day.....Fortunately Craig is well and keeping up with the laundry and attending to all our needs. I feel like a very sick, feverish dowager empress. We had to finally call in the support team (my parents) and Isaac is staying with them tonight -- I don't want anyone to get this evil virus!


Tamara said...

Sorry to hear you are sick! Jet lag with a virus does not sound like fun.
I loved reading your about your trip to China- it brought back many memories.
I hope we can meet one weekend- our daughter is from Hunan province as well and we live in Deltona.
Good luck and feel better soon!

somepinkflowers said...


one adventure down,

but what a mean transition...


Pat said...

I hope you are starting on the road to recovery- we are taking Airborne on your advice! Enjoy your time as Empress Cixi and I hope the little empress is feeling better too.
Talk soon

Kay Bratt said...

So nice to hear that your daughter was treated well in her orphanage-she is truly beautiful.

Just hoppin' through.


Anonymous said...

What the fuck did all that run-on off a sentence have to do with your "chi" being out of balance? Is it because you were sick? Last time I checked, people got sick and it didn't disrupt their "life force". By the way, a 106 temperature is seizure material. You are an idiot and shouldn't have a child let alone a happy meal. You are lucky that child didn't die.
So, here's some advice to "balance your chi". Be a better mother and your "life force" should balance out.