Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A picture of us from the Buddhist Temple

Top Left: Yue yue and her buddy Cecelia from Dao SWI play in Changsha. Yueyue and Big Brother play a hat game.

Just got a call from our facilitator Lucy here in Gz that our paperwork at the Consulate is fine and we are ready for our appt tomorrow. Thinking back to two weeks ago, that's quite a relief.

Wind and blustery weather from TS Kammuri. No different than Florida, right?


Pat said...

Kim and all- we are enjoying your photos and anticipating our trip to China! We leave on August 31. Wishing you safe and happy travels home!

Jennifer said...

Kim, Craig, and Issac,
I just now figured out how to leave a comment....Phoebe Yue is absolutely adorable. I have enjoyed seeing all of the photos...especially those of Issac and her. She has the sweetest look on her face when looking at him....I'm sure he is very entertaining :) I am so happy for you and can't wait to meet her. I'm sure Bob and Sandra are thrilled too. Safe travels back to Florida. (The black and white photo of the 4 of you is also great!) Love to all...Jennifer

somepinkflowers said...


if she only
how her life
is about to unfold.


a miracle
this all is....