Friday, August 1, 2008

A walk about Changsha and more happy baby pictures

Every morning in the courtyard across the street, there is Tai Chi. Man, we're going to miss it here. Tomorrow we visit the Hunan museum, and Sunday morning the local Buddist Temple. Right now, we're waiting on the babies' passports. If they arrive, we'll fly to Guangzhou on MOnday.

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GĂ©raldine said...

Congratulations for your beautiful daughter !!!
I saw her with a lot of emotion because our daughter Isaline is from Yougzhou too and we met her in Changsha in april 2004 !!!
I recognize the rooms of the civil affairs of Changsha !!!

Have an happy trip in China,

Geraldine from France, happy mother of Isaline, 5 years old.