Sunday, October 5, 2008

forward motion

Below: Xiao Yue on our first
day as a family. She's still wearing
the outfit and little red
shoes from the orphanage.

At home, playing with some
very cool camera accessory.

Below, sharing secrets with big bro.

I've been wanting to post a six-week since we've been home update for a while, but it's now turned into a seven and a half week update. Yue Yue is eleven months old now, as of Oct. 1.When we met this little girl, she was able to sit up, but was pretty unstable, flopping forward and backwards. She liked to stand with help, but as for crawling, she could flex into an almost crawling position but cried as her arms weren't that strong and she was pretty uncomfortable.

Then about a month ago, she was able to crawl backwards.....and then lo and behold.......two weekends ago, she just began to cruise all over the place, and as if she'd been doing it forever. A few weeks before the crawling, there was clapping and waving and itsy bitsy spider hand movements. She reaches into the sky when you ask, "Xiao Yue where is the wind?" Yesterday on our walk, a carload of little old ladies passed by and she instinctively waved to them (or reached out to the wind) and boy did they get a kick out of that.

In China, Yue Yue could say, "Maaamaa, Baaabaa (for dad) and gradually made the transition to Dada. She is working extremely hard on her word for Kitty -- something like Kitt tat -- and because of that we have discovered our neighborhood has hundreds of those creatures, just coming out of the woodwork when we walk down the street calling Kitty.....She also calls dogs, kitties as well. We'll work on that one later.

Most of all, Yue Yue's personality has blossomed and it's difficult to look at some of the first pictures we took of her in Changsha, knowing how confused and sad she was.

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Pat said...

Just got off the phone with you and had to come check out the blog- Yue Yue is wonderful! I love the black and white photos too- especially the morning tai chi series. Max is still sleeping - afternoon bliss could equal evening regret from letting him sleep too long!