Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a year ago today.........

June 9, 2009 front yard

[approximately] april 2008
dao xian county SWI

this was the first picture i saw. those tiny red shoes!

at 1:35 p.m. to be exact last June 9, i got a phone call from Lisa at La Vida. i remember it vividly. even where i was sitting at the dining room table. i scratched notes on a piece of paper. i called craig who was at petco, my parents, some friends and then i had to walk over to the school to get isaac. lisa was emailing the pix, and i wanted to view it with isaac and not alone. it was the day before the last day of school and that morning, i had been maniacally checking the rumor queen and pretty much knew the call was coming, just didn't know when. i'd also gone that morning to isaac's fifth grade breakfast/awards ceremony, and was happy to have had that distraction. Now, it's hard to believe this little baby's face has grown into such a sweet, happy child, full of smiles. We love you Xiaoyue!

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Stephanie said...

wow! how lucky you all are. she does look so happy.